Saturday, August 8, 2009

Still Alive

Hey Everyone. I just wanted to let you know that I'll be back to regular posting after I return from "vacation" August 14th. If you missed the post on what I've been up to, read about it here.

Below are a few special links from my archive to tide you guys over. The first is a book by Bob Hoffman who writes a blog under the same title. The pages aren't full-sized, so it's a fast read. If you're interested in branding, then this is for you. The rest of the links are just fun things I picked out. If you liked these, feel free to browse through the rest of the archive.

The Ad Contrarian: 73 page free online book (no d/l required) by Bob Hoffman

How Howard Moskowitz invented variety and changed Pepsi forever

If you sign to a record label owned by a soda company, is it selling out?

One man sets out to burn all of his branded goods to live brandless

Win Without Pitching, stop giving away services for free

Michael Crichton's guide to fighting properly with your significant other

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