Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tribute to the :30 Spot

I'm starting to see some things that I want to post on a semi-regular basis. So as of right now I have the If You Like To Read series going, and now I'm going to start the "Tribute to the :30 spot".

Basically, it's going to be clips of good commercials. The :30 spot is on it's way out and it gets me so down. I understand that 90% of it is garbage, but there are a few out there that make up for it. This is my way of putting stuff out there for pure enjoyment, who cares if it sells anything. I'm just appreciating the concept and the execution. Here is the first installment. Cheers.

"Eras" marks the start of Bacardi's newest campaign. So many beautiful things are packed into it, and knitted together so nicely, that our cups runneth over. This is us, incoherently gushing.We'll start with the end, because the end is the beginning: "Bacardi Mojito. Since 1862." Pan to the present, where a guy at a club realizes his mojito's spent, and walks to the bar for a fresh one. As he cuts unassumingly through the crowds, the decades slip slowly backward.

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