Wednesday, April 22, 2009

If You Like To Read (2nd Edition)

Hey guys, a few days back I decided to post an interesting article that I read online. The article didn't necessarily have anything to do with advertising, but I think it had interesting insights of people's lives that aren't like most.  I titled it, If You Like To Read, because most of these articles are 5+ pages long. The easiest way to find these is to click the If You Like To Read section under the topics on the right hand column. Hope you enjoy them.

This article is about Charles Platt, a former senior writer for Wired, who goes through the hiring process at his local Walmart. I have an unbiased opinion to the superstore retailer. I don't think Walmart is necessarily a good or a bad thing, but more a mix of both. This article puts a refreshing positive spin on the business.

Here's an excerpt:
Getting hired turned out to be a challenge. The personnel manager told me she had received more than 100 applications during that month alone, chasing just a handful of jobs. Thus the mystery deepened. If Wal-Mart was such an exploiter of the working poor, why were the working poor so eager to be exploited? And after they were hired, why did they seem so happy to be there? Anytime I shopped at the store, blue-clad Walmartians encouraged me to "Have a nice day" with the sincerity of the pope issuing a benediction.

You can read the rest at NYpost

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