Wednesday, April 22, 2009

KFC Misses The Point

I didn't want to post this, but Karin at TheEssentialOrange inspired me to share what she wrote.

About two weeks ago, KFC launced a PR campaign letting mayors know that they would fix pot holes in their city. Each pot hole would be stamped with the KFC logo (as picture above). It was supposed to be a tie-in with KFC's "Fresh Tastes Best" promise. The campaign reaks of self-serving BS. "Sure, we'll fix your roads, but only if we can put our logo all over it." What mayor would sell out their city for a fried chicken restaurant? You can read what Chicago thought of this mess at Chicago Tribune.

Karin had this to say (I think this is a much better idea):

Get citizens involved in a “fresh thinking” campaign
Using a tool such as “
A Better Project”, get people to submit and vote on ideas on how to “refresh” their city by providing grants to the best ideas. KFC would be able to create a groundswell of involvement that would not only build brand equity but be better aligned with their brand strategy.

In the end the winning idea might be to fill in potholes. The difference is in the how – by getting people involved in a new way that taps into a fresh approach of getting folks involved in supporting their city.

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