Friday, April 10, 2009


JWT closed their Chicago office Friday, April 3rd. There were apparently 50 remaining employees when they closed shop.

I'm just going to leave a couple links for ya'll to read because I'm tired of seeing the same bad news over and over again.

Adscam: a few last words and 55+comments from insiders
GOA: Leo Burnett employee reflecting (read through the blog there are a few other posts about it as well)

I sit in my advertising classes at the university and I see a good 30+ students in each class. I wonder how any of us are going to find jobs in this dying industry. I get a headache from reading all of the bad news out there. There will always be an awkward transitional period from time to time in any industry I guess. Have you guys seen The Cooler? We all witnessed Baldwin's demise as he lost his precious Shangri-La casino to the new talent. Soon enough we'll see the replacement for the big traditional agencies that got away with half-assing it for so many years.

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