Friday, April 3, 2009

Personal Values

Mitch over at Six Pixels of Separation has some good insight on Media Segmentation and how our own biases can hurt our marketing efforts. The main idea around the post is that not everyone is as technologically forward as you may think.

Here are some heading excerpts from the post:

As popular as the iPhone is, most people still don't have one (or any smart phone for that matter) and – even if they do – they have not downloaded applications or even customized their mobile experience yet.

This past January,
Apple announced that their App Store had crossed the 500 million mark in terms of downloads. While this is an incredible number, it should be peppered with with the very real reality that the majority of the mass population can hardly wrap their heads around how to download a ringtone to their mobile phone, let alone embrace and understand the power of mobile applications.

Maybe there are many new ways of consuming media. Assuming that the way I do it, is the way everybody does it, or the way everybody does it, must be the way it is, is slowly slipping away. Maybe the best way to figure this all out is to have your own specific brand strategy and just go with the directions that make the most sense to your consumers. Even if that means working some of the more traditional channels (that you don't use) while dismissing the newer, shinier objects (that you, personally, swear by).

I enjoy reading the stuff this guy writes. I hope you do too. You can read the rest of this post here.

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