Friday, March 11, 2011

From Dallas to New York

Got an offer to work at an advertising agency in New York City. I started January 10th and have been busy getting used to the change. I literally got the offer two weeks before I moved, so you can imagine the size of my to do list before I left Dallas.

Anyways, I know things have been a little quiet. I've been out and about taking advantage of all the things going on in the city, plus work takes up a big chunk of my days as well. It kinda sucks because I don't have as much time to browse all my favorite blogs.

For those who keep visiting, I appreciate it. I'm sure I'll fall back into the rythm of posting very soon. Got a couple posts I'm gonna put up right after I post this one. Cheers.

(picture taken from my iPhone in Hearst Tower during social media week)

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