Thursday, April 1, 2010

How Can We Market This?

If you don't know what Chatroulette is then take a quick peek at the site and this wikipedia then come back.

I was reading an interview with the 17-year-old founder, Andrey Ternovskly, when something struck me. Why is it that every time something on the internet becomes huge it instantly has to be looked at as a marketing/money making tool? To me this is a serious case of blinders causing people to head down the same beaten path. I think you miss out on the true potential of a site if your initial goal is how to make money.

Ternovskly is a smart kid. He isn't anxious to let his site loose to the hands of advertising. He believes that he has a personal responsibility to his creation and to his users. Maybe if we start keeping the users in mind before making money our ad efforts could improve. You can read his story at The New York Times here and his one on one interview here.

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