Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Top Digital Trends of 2010

Brian Morrisey at AdWeek compiled a top ten list of things to look for digitally in the new year. The list is debatable, but it serves as a nice starting point for thoughts on the subject.

5. Engagement Pricing.
There's no shortage of critics of the Web's ad pricing system. In crude terms, it divides into two buckets: clicks for direct response and impressions for branding. As the Web matures as a branding medium, 2010 should be the year when more publishers and marketers explore new pricing mechanisms that better reflect their goals. Promising starts have already been made in cost-per-engagement and time-based ad models by networks like VideoEgg and Lotame. The challenge is the same for any new approach: New models might make more intuitive sense, but they diverge from the accepted media-planning practices.

8. Privacy Wars.
Data on consumers, the Web's greatest strength, might also be its Achilles heel. Scrutiny on the collection and use of consumer information online will increase in 2010, as regulators grapple with whether the industry needs new rules of the road that give consumers more notice and say when their information is collected. The ultimate bogeyman -- an opt-in requirement for collecting behavioral data -- probably wouldn't fly, but Web players will likely be required to give more notice and choice to consumers when tracking their digital footprints. The ad-preferences dashboards rolled out by Google and Yahoo are a sign of things to come. 

You can read the rest at AdWeek.

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