Friday, January 15, 2010

Don't Be The Next Conan

The Harvard Business Review wrote a short article analyzing the decisions made by NBC, Leno, and Conan. There are significant parallels between their choices and our own career decisions. The article includes Conan's open letter and three tips every company should follow to avoid a similar situation. Here is an excerpt:

It is certainly painful to witness an employer's callous treatment of a man who patiently served season after season until it was his moment to shine. (...) It's in a company's best interest to have great talent practices like these, just as it is generally in their best interest for them to keep that talent happy and engaged. But the reality is that providing you with a wonderful career experience is not their first (or even second) priority. So what's in your best interest? How can you avoid making Conan's mistake?

Stay in your role because you are gaining experiences that will help you achieve your long-term career objectives, or because you think it is the job you can get at the moment, or because it's fun — but you don't stay in your job because of some potential future rewards that may or may not materialize.

Read the rest here at the Harvard Business Review

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