Monday, September 28, 2009

Just Try It

I was hanging out with one of my friends the other day when one of Bing's spots came on TV. I asked her if she had ever used Bing before and what she thought of it. She watched the commercial then looked at me and asked what it was. After I explained what/who Bing was, she told me that she enjoyed Yahoo! the most. When I asked why, she simply said, "It gives me the best results."

The one thing I've learned about keeping up with ad news is that it almost puts you at a disadvantage. You are constantly surrounding yourself around what's the latest thing, your criticisms become more personal than subjective, and you start to forget that these ads are made for your customer, not for yourself. I can see how it could be easy for someone in advertising to assume that everyone loves Google.

A couple days later, she told me she tried out Bing for the first time and liked it more than Yahoo!. If all it took for someone to switch was simply knowing the alternatives, then why are Yahoo! and Bing having such a hard time getting people to switch?

I've always wondered why the second and third tier search engines don't just plainly ask people to give them a try. It takes five seconds to try it, and it costs the user nothing. Instead, we see crap like the picture above.

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