Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bing Not All That Bad

Watch this spot first if you haven't seen any of the new ads

It took me a few times to come around to this commercial. I am a bit hesitant to admit this, but I don't think this was a bad execution. In my opinion, I think people just like to hate anything that Microsoft puts out. We're all aware of how bad their products and PC vs. Mac spots are, but this one isn't so bad. I've been reading a lot of people's feedback online and as usual the consensus is that the Bing spots suck.

One particular comment that I read off of AdScam gave me hope that someone out there is thinking from a consumer's point of view rather than critiquing it from a professional standpoint. Here is the comment posted:

Here's the problem,
everyone here {ad people} are so focused on the spot...
or the creative....
The fact is,
MS is not selling a product,
they are selling a new look...... a new option.
It does not cost the consumer a penny to try out Bing.
The only requirement or intention is to redirect the eyeballs.
They don't even need to a large percentage of new lookers to be successful.
They just need to start a get people talking about it.
This was designed to be a slow burn on Google.
It won't happen overnight, but eventually people will try it out, and some will stick with it.
They will build on that and steal "market share".
The goal is plain...steal the eye balls...plug in a better model then adwords/sense cpm/click ect.....
Bing is going to open up some new doors. Goolge will be Google locked and their stock will go down to 3 bucks.
Maybe...maybe not.
Its to easy and lazy to believe that Google is the final word.
The reality is...its not.

You can read the rest of the comments and the full post here

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