Monday, March 16, 2009

Twitter: The Next Google

Six Pixels of Separation has an intersting theory about how Twitter is not going after Facebook, but Google instead. I had talked about Twitter a few days ago, you can read it here. I still don't think that brands need to establish a pressence on the site, but this is an interesting idea.

Here is an excerpt:

When search engines were first introduced online it was very common to see one word searches like "car", "sex" and "casino", but as the online population grows and as people become more sophisticated with their searches (recently, it was announced that the most common searches are – at minimum – three words) the search engines have not only been forced to improve their algorithms, but are still accused of not returning the optimal results.

Now (...) I am finding myself asking my social circle on Twitter for information that was traditionally reserved for a search engine.(...)"Anyone know a good restaurant near Times Square?", "What's the fastest route from the Chicago airport to downtown?"

Without knowing it, Twitter is quickly becoming the best search engine out there. It is powered by people you know (or are connected to). On top of that, we are able to harness the infamous wisdom of crowds to get a response. There have been times where multiple people have provided pieces of the answer that together paints a perfect picture.

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