Friday, March 13, 2009

Some Timely Advice

Layoffs are happening left and right. I know everyone knows that by now, but I figured it would be a good introduction to this post haha.

Anyways, I found a link with tips to help you with your interviews. Its titled 5 job interview questions that mean you aren't getting hired. Most of the tips will be obvious to some, but there might be one or two that will really stand out. If you feel nervous when you interview this will definitely help you out. A personal tip from me, practice. Take interview opportunities whenever they are available even if you don't want the job. It will help improve your conversation skills for your future interviewers. You wouldn't leave the gym for a few months and then come back and expect to be in the same shape would you?

Here's an excerpt:

“What are your biggest flaws?”

Ideally, your answer to this question reveals valued traits of self-awareness, maturity, honesty and humility, right?In my estimation, there’s no real reason for anyone to ask you this question. The more time you spend answering it is basically giving the interviewer more reasons not to hire you.

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