Friday, March 13, 2009


General Mills decided to re-introduce retro inspired designs on their cereal boxes. They will be distributed through Target stores as well as a few other places. These are definitely going to stand out. My only problem is the advertisement on the front of the box for a free t-shirt. Why ruin the authenticity? Couldn't they have just put it on the back?

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Anonymous said...

Who's to say General Mills didn't offer free t-shirts back in the day?

The reasoning behind their promotional effort that is such a "problem" to you is simple. At the end of the day, they are trying to do two things - sell cereal, and create brand awareness. Research shows that if you put the word "Free" on anything, it will grab the attention of the respective audience, create interest, and ultimately increase sales. When you sucker yourself into buying the 17 boxes of cereal it takes to obtain enough boxtops to receive your "free" Lucky Charms t-shirt, you will probably wear it around at least once and promote their brand for them without even knowing it, therefore inspiring other breakfast loving citizens to follow your lead and give into the sugary goodness of general mills.

Does that answer your question?