Monday, February 2, 2009

Everything Happens for a Reason

This is not meant to be a politcal statement. I am happy with our new president, but I have something I felt like I should share. Living in Texas, you would think the people I am surrounded by would be more tolerant of Bush and his career in the White House. For the most part, my friends share the same feelings the rest of the United States has for that man. By that, I mean bad feelings haha.

Let's say it's all true. Let's say that Bush did mess everything up, oil prices are high, the economy is a mess, 9/11 was a horrible tragedy, and thousands are dying in a war that shouldn't be fought. If none of this was happening, do you think that America would have been as open to electing a black president? Even more so, a president whose main drive was to promote change/hope?

If things were okay today who would want either of those things? What would Barack Obama say to the masses to encourage them to vote for him? What I'm trying to say is that things happen for a reason. Bush may have not been a perfect president, but he was a stepping stone that lead this country in a new direction. We are more open and tolerant to new ideas because we have been humbled. Here's to the best in 2009.

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