Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Johannesburg Taxis & Kwaito House Music

Vice recently released episode 5 of their show , All the Wrong Places. This episode tells the story about Kwaito artists struggling to get their sound on the radio in South Africa and how they reached out to taxi drivers to help spread the music. For those who are familiar, this may remind you of how TEDxBuenosAires reached out to taxi drivers to help spread TED messages. What's special about the Kwaito example is that it represents a more symbiotic relationship between the driver and the passenger.

In the video, one of the cab drivers explained that kids will actually pass on available taxis until they hear one playing the music they like. The drivers get dedicated customers, the kids get an enjoyable ride, and the artists get their music heard. Compare that to New York - you hop in to whatever is available and hop right out once you get to your destination. The video autoplays so I didn't embed it here. You can watch the 10 minute episode on Vice. If you want to hear some Kwaito, here's a song from Brickz, one of the artists featured in the episode.

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