Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hulu Premieres First Show: If I Can Dream

If I Can Dream, will follow five young performers ... who move into a house in Hollywood, California. The house is wired with 56 cameras so the contestants can be viewed online 24/7. Each contestant has been judged to excel in either one of the creative arts, sport or fashion and the premise of the show will be to follow them as they attempt to succeed.

The show's website will stream footage from the house and participants will have a regular blog alongside holding regular webchats. This will be alongside participants Myspace, Facebook and Twitter accounts. The television aspect of the show is likely to be a weekly hourly highlights show airing firstly through Hulu then later through a traditional broadcast network. The series intends to harness new media equally, if not more so, than traditional broadcast, creating a truly cross media viewing experience.

I saw some commercials for this while I was watching Hulu so I decided to look it up. There's two questions that come to mind. Will this concept of multi-platform broadcasting catch on, and if it does, will it only work for reality TV or can a real show use this concept? I know this may sound lame, but it's pretty exciting how many opportunities there are for advertising, haha.

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