Thursday, July 16, 2009

Zappo Ignites Controversy

Zappos put out an RFP (request for proposal) to about 16 agencies this recent spring. They then decided to print the RFP in AdWeek to allow a wider selection of candidates. The result was over 170 people requesting, and about 104 agencies responding to the RFP.

Ignited, an agency based in LA and NY, sent in their proposal along with everyone else hoping to win the account. They decided to create their submission in the form of a blog to allow easy navigation, and to also track how much time was spent on each page via google analytics.

Mike Wolfsohn, ECD of Ignited, was disappointed to see that Zappos spent only a couple minutes reviewing their proposal that took them over two weeks to create. Here is an excerpt:

According to Google Analytics, Zappos viewed only 5 of the 25 pages on our blog, with an average page-view time of 14 seconds. Considering that each page corresponded to a question they asked in their RFP, one would hope the content would prove valuable in their evaluation process. But they never clicked on the page that introduced them, as they requested, to the members of the team that would service their account.

Aaron Magness, from Zappos, posted up his response through You can read Wolfsohn's full post along with Magness's response here.

They both have their own good points, but here's a quote from Wolfsohn that really stood out to me:

"If as an industry, we can't agree to stop giving away our services for free, the least we can do is demand some respect from those who benefit from out generosity."

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