Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sell Sell

"You guys came to mind when I was at [Client Company], who use [Big Ad Agency] for their above the line comms. I was in a meeting with the new CEO, who presented their new agency mantra. After much internal debate and no doubt thousands of post its and much beard stroking, they had concluded that what they and their work did was "ignite conversations". They seemed quite proud of this conclusion - it was to be the thing that would galvanize their business. I was gob smacked. Our sales were down and all I really wanted was to sell more [Product]s. It never ceases to amaze me that these big agencies still don't get it..."

This was a quote from a former client of Sell Sell, an independent agency out of London. Names were omitted and changed for privacy. I understand that their is a need to connect with your customers, but your main focus should always be to push product. There will be times when starting a conversation will not the best answer. I enjoy their site, they update often with interesting stuff. You can read the rest of the post at their site here

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