Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Burger King Too Clever

In a recent post, Gawker discusses how poorly CP+B's edgy/clever advertising has helped Burger King's business. Going up against a company as big as McDonald's is no easy task. The blame for BK's steady decline of sales growth can't be blamed on advertising alone. The quality of the product carries the most responsibility. The most creative ads in the world can't make a crappy product #1.

So do you think that CP+B let down BK? Do you think that the ads were good, but the competition is too strong? Do you think it's going to take more time to see the results? There are so many factors to consider in this calculation.

I personally think that the advertisements helped influence different techniques/strategies for other advertisers. I think that the people at BK liked the attention they were getting with these ads so they decided to stick with them. In my opinion, this is the wrong kind of attention. It's like being the class clown back in elementary school. Everyone's laughing, but no one really wants to hang out with you.

You can read Gawker's post here, and AdAge's article here.

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23 year old Spinster, Pessimist Extraodinaire said...

CPB SAVED Burger King's ass when they almost went out of business. In fact, they personally invested their own money into the King promos and told Burger King that they didn't have to pay them back if it didn't work. and it did. And Burger King has Veggie burgers and McD and W's don't. Vive BK!!!