Friday, May 15, 2009

Seeing Double

What do Domino's Pizza and KFC have in common? Apparently both their presidents shop at the same "blue shirt with company logo on it" store. If you haven't heard about either company mishap, you can read about Domino's here, and KFC's here. George Parker at AdScam expresses himself a little better than I do. You can read his thoughts on this here.

I'd like to think that PR tactics/company crisis communication techniques have improved over the years. I don't understand how putting a video of your president behind a huge logo is a good idea. Why are these guys always wearing the same stuffy blue shirt with an exact same logo on their shirt as the one in the background? How can an audience connect, let alone trust what they are saying? To me, it feel likes even while they are trying to apologize, they are still trying to sell you something! Jeez. I put up each of the videos below, Domino's is first, then KFC's. Watch them and decide if they did it right for yourself.

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