Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Control Google

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Take control of what people see when they decide to be a creeper and google your name. This can be a huge plus when employers decide to look you up. Six Pixels of Separation tells you how:

According to The Official Google Blog yesterday on the post, Search for "me" on Google, you can fill out your own personal profile and have it actually rank on the first page of search results for your own, personal, name.

You get quite a bit of functionality when filling out your profile, including the ability to add as many professional links, your photo, it seems to be pulling a mini-photo stream from Flickr as well, and you can even connect to those that may be interesting to you. No, it's not quite as robust as LinkedIn. The point is not for this to be J.A.O.S.N. (Just Another Online Social Network). The point is to make people more searchable and findable in the Google engine.

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