Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Write Like You Design has 5 tips to help designers write like they design. The site explains how designers and writers are alike, they just use different tools to create their art. Even if you are just writing a paper, these 5 tips can help you create something decent. Tip #2 is a problem I see a lot in people's work as well as my own. We tend to use bigger words than necessary. Here's an excerpt:

2. Kill jargon. Like any field that has to fight for relevance, design is mired in jargon. I’m talking not only about technical terms, Adobe-isms, and that sort of thing, but also verbal SUVs—big, pointless words that look fancy but don’t do anything. Dialectic. Utilization. Orchestrate. Dynamic. Synthesis. Do what Michael Pollan tells us to do with food: ask, would my grandma use this? If not, scrap it, and tone things down. Remember, design is a mystery to most people. Make it real and relatable—and yes, relevant—by using real and relatable words.

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