Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Myopia: A Disease

When someone tends to be myopic, it means that they are short sighted and refuse to think about the future. David Armano at Logic+Emotion had an interesting post about the 7 walls that currently separate businesses from customers today. Its weird because the current trend these days is to "keep in touch" with consumers/to relate to them as much as possible. I can't believe that most of these barriers still exist.

Here's an excerpt. It relates to the Tropicana/Arnell package design fiasco. The problem was that the design was too much a personal preference and not a decision based on consumer opinion:
Brand Sorcery
I believe in the power of brands. I also believe in "brand sorcerers". These are the folks who invent emotion and meaning around your brand that is completely out of touch with how your customers feel about it. Brand sorcery creates hype and applies purpose to every nuance it touches around your brand or the "re-branding" of it. It's not based on any good research or instinct. Often times it's based in personal preference and self preservation. That said, good brand efforts can do the exact opposite and remove barriers. Pick your brand partners carefully—enough missteps here can alienate customers.

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