Monday, March 9, 2009

Just My Luck

George Parker of is an asshole. The man says whatever he feels like about the ad industry and most of the time he's usually right. He gets over 3,000 visitors daily from people in the ad industry. I learned from his site that Crispin Porter + Bogusky laid off 60 of their staff recently.

What the hell man. This is supposed to be the agency of the year. It really is just my luck that my chosen profession has to be on the verge of tanking horribly. The lines between marketing, branding, advertising, and public relations are ceasing to exist. Its going to be a long time before the dust settles and the advertising world adjusts to it's growing pains.

Anyways, read his site here to learn about how stuff really goes down in the ad world. Also check out his book, The Ubiquitous Persuaders. Its on sale at I want to read it, so after you're done let me borrow it.

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