Friday, February 20, 2009

Lebron James...and State Farm?

Lebron James has the best commercials in the "sports athlete endorsement" category hands down. This commercial is no exception. It aired in January of 2009 and it plays off of his high school football playing days. If you haven't seen it, watch it, then read the rest of this.

Four of my friends (that are as interested in advertising as they are with business calculus) have come up to me since that ad aired and asked if I had seen it. We talked about how cool it was, but when I asked if they knew who the ad was for, they had no clue. The ad lacks some serious association/staying power for State Farm.

It's safe to assume State Farm is trying to resfresh their image and appeal to a younger audience, preferrably African American. I know this might offend some of you, but if you've seen the second Lebron spot then you know what I mean. And hey, I can't blame them. My parents have State Farm, and I've always seen them as an old-folks kind of insurance agency.

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