Thursday, January 29, 2009

Squeeze Me

I'm going to avoid the Pepsi repackaging topic until new articles appear on its success or failure. For now I'll focus on another one of Pepsico's products. By now, the new Tropicana packaging should have replaced all the old cartons in super markets. 

I don't know what exactly causes people to be so averted to change. Everyone is always so quick to say why they hate the "new" whatever. I admit that a few months back when I first saw the new packaging I thought it was a step in the wrong direction. A couple days after, I saw a side by side comparison of the new and old on another website. That was when I realized it.

Even though you may not necessarily agree with the new packaging, you begin to notice that the old carton design seems outdated and almost stale. The straw in an orange says almost nothing to us, because we are so used to seeing it. The colors used on the new carton are brighter and more alive. The cap was even fashioned to be made in the shape of an orange that has to be squeezed and turned to remind consumers of the product's purity. 

With so many health-fad products out there, can you blame Tropicana for wanting to try and stay on top of the competition?

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