Saturday, January 24, 2009

Artist Sweatshops?

I've always thought that famous artists produce every single piece of artwork that has their name attached to it. Apparently, bigger artists have studios where hired painters are paid an hourly salary to create work for them. Keep in mind, this is no new concept, artists have been doing it for centuries. It just devalues the art show much knowing that there is a large chance that it wasn't even created by the named artist.

Jeff Koons has 87 of them laboring in shifts. Damien Hirst employs several teams, as needed. Jasper Johns has had the same one for 23 years. (…) What is curious is how differently the market treats work done by assistants in different eras. Consider how quickly a putative Old Master painting priced in the millions is devalued should new evidence prove it to have been made by other hands. (…)

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